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Trading partner program

Company VAid Systems is interested in establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with companies of telecom and IT market sectors.

The product line produced by VAid Systems, will expand due to our own efforts, but great role in this our trading partners will play.

Let's succeed together!

If you are interested in products of VAid Systems, please contact wit us with any convenient manner specified in Contacts.

Participants of the "Trade Partner" program are subject to special conditions of cooperation: participation in the special offers and promotions aimed at stimulating purchases and sales of VAid Sysytems.


Reliable supplier program

VAid Systems company is looking for:

- companies - the developers of integrated circuits (microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGA) and other radio-electronic smd components;

- Companies - distributors of electronic components (dealers, resellers);

- companies - manufacturers of printed circuit boards;

- company - the developers of the appliance housings;

- companies - manufacturing electronic components assembly and adjustment of the RECs to their assembly-up and adjustment areas.

We will be glad if you also affirm our principles:

* " revenue growth - at the expense of sales volume and cost reduction, rather than rising prices ";

* " achievement of sales volume by means of quality and price reducing ";

* "price reducing is carried out not by means of quality decrease ".


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