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Technical Support of VAid Systems always provides competent advice and assistance on technical operation and configuration of equipment. In order to effectively service, consultations are carried out through the postal system of technical support: each treatment is assigned with a reference INN number.

Communicate with customer support begins with the sending of the question to the with detailed description:

- specify the serial number (located on the bottom label)

- describe the state of the device and indication

- specify the type of equipment which is connected to the device

- speed of ports and type of port settings ofconnected equipment (auto,fix)

- The type of optical modules

- specify the length of the optical path

- Other useful data

Request will be received for processing by the technical department, INN will be assigned to the question. If it have not been answered immediately, do not worry your request will not be lost. Ensure saving of the history of correspondence.



Question: How to buy cheaper?

Answer: We have very flexible pricing policy, almost "rubber". We try to work for the future and take into account the type of activity of our customers. If you send in your request details or at least the name of the company, it immediately sets up a serious conversation. Given all these factors, which are not always depend on the volume of deliveries, we try to find the most suitable price for our equipment

Question: If an optical link falls or fails, will the status port Ethernet change?

Answer: Function of display of the optical link the status is disabled. Factory settings are off, the Eth0 and Eth1 ports do not go to the "down" at break of the optical connection. Through console port, you can activate this feature.

Question: What power supply can be used instead of standard?

Answer:You can use any switch-mode power supply AC-DC c a constant output voltage of 12V and operating current of 1A. (Central terminal "+")

Question: What features are available for programming through the console?

Answer: The console port allows you to program automatic / mandatory mode of determining the speed of the Eth0 / 1 ports, to activate / deactivate the display mode of the state of the optical link, compulsively assign speed ports 100/1000 Mbps, on / off test mode optic line, reset to factory settings, make reset.

Question: What SFP modules can be used in UltraMux-2000?

Answer: UltraMux-2000 supports OC-48 compliant SFP modules of any type for which the data transfer rate of at least 2.5 gigabits per second.

Question: What limits maximal size of frame / package, which passes through the media converter?

: UltraMux process the signal of 1000Base-T at the physical level, multiplexes it without processing (does not interfere with the structure of packets and protocols). Thus, UltraMux can send and receive any type of network protocol with any size of package / frame.




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