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What is VAiD Systems?

First and foremost, it is a team of likeminded people, who are somehow related to the field of telecommunications, telecommunication equipment, communication services and television content. What has brought us together, so this is love in that what we do. Each member of the team loves his job and wants to make a contribution to our common creation, - the VAid Systems company.


What do we do?

The main efforts in the work of VAid Systems is focused on innovation in the field of telecommunications equipment. Using the experience of individual team members in providing communications services, we will carefully study and try to continually replenish the knowledge base of concern and specific needs of the telecom industry. Telecommunications are developing by leaps and bounds in the world and Russia is no exception. And the needs of telecommunications companies in the equipment that meets the requirements of today and the immediate future are growing.


What requires the telecommunication field and what can we offer?

The main objective of any operator of telecommunications services, is providing a high quality of these services. Current patterns of consumption of communications services primarily associated with an increase in consumption of conventional services (telephony and data transmission) that as a consequence, leads to an annual reduction of prices of telecom services. Thus, the main criterion for the quality of services provided for the operator is able to provide passage of the growing volume of data transmitted as a global scale as locally.

Trends in traffic growth dictates the legitimate requirements for telecommunications equipment and the companies it develops and markets. Requirements are reduced to two components:

1. Technological possibility to process and transmit information at high speeds.

2. The minimum cost, ie maximization of the speed/price ratio.

Current activities of VAid Systems aim to develop and supply equipment class as conforming to these requirements. This class of equipment may include devices operating in fiber-optical media transmission, equipped with high-speed interfaces such as Ethernet, and include elements of Know How - as the result of our team activity.


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